XNSPY | The Best Metasploit Alternative For Android Users

XNSPY | The Best Metasploit Alternative For Android Users

If you want to hack an Android smartphone, you are going to come across plenty of options. There are several methods you can use to remotely control an Android device.

But spying on someone’s phone requires their consent. Make sure that you take the legal aspects of spying into consideration.

Here, we are going to look into Metasploit alternative to hack into Android devices.

The application we are going to use here is called XnSpy made for the Android platform. Using Kali Linux to create Metasploit payloads is difficult for beginners as it doesn’t offer many GUI options for the tools. On the other hand, Xnspy is easier and a lot more convenient than using Kali Linux. This application is one of the popular Android spy applications in the market and is quickly making its way to the top android apps.

The best thing about Xnspy is, its compatibility starts from Android version 4.

What does Xnspy Do?

Xnspy allows users to remotely monitor the target devices and view all processes running on those devices. It collects all data from the target devices and sends them to the web account of the Xnspy user.
All these can be monitored from one dashboard. Also, you can navigate to the different features and activities of the phone. The features are discussed below.
# Text Messages
From the Xnspy dashboard, you can access the incoming and outgoing text messages and view their contacts, date and time. You can also access and monitor the popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram message box, Whatsapp, Skype, Kik, and Viber.
Words and phrases can also be added to the app’s watchlist.
# GPS Location Tracking with Geofencing
You can track the real-time location of the target device. The Geofencing feature can be used to set virtual limits on the map and get alerts whenever the phone user exits or enters that area.
# Call Logs and Contacts
Call Logs and contacts can be accessed easily for one dashboard.
# Multimedia Files
Xnspy gives you the power to access the media files such as images and videos stored on the target device. You can download the multimedia files on your device whenever you want.
# Web Browsing History
Xnspy also lets you view the browser history, bookmarked pages, and the top 10 most frequently visited websites.
# Ambient Recording
This is a remote listening feature that lets you listen to the surroundings of the phone. You can listen to the phone call conversations remotely.
# Remote Features
This feature offers you the ability to lock the target device, wipe data from the phone, block sites and applications, and shut down the device.
# Keylogger
This feature lets you monitor the keystrokes of the on the most popular messaging apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber


There is nothing complex about installation. Just download or buy the application from XNspy.com  and install it on your device. 
For the Installation manual to install the server on the target device visit XNspy.com/installation-manual


There are a lot of methods for monitoring an Android device remotely. As far as Kali Linux is concerned, it is not a friendly platform for complete beginners.
Whereas, XNspy is flexible with all kinds of users. The features it offers are very impressive and easy to use. It is going to be one of the trending spy applications made for the Android platform.
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XNSPY | The Best Metasploit Alternative For Android Users

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