Find Usernames with Userrecon Over 75 Social Network | Kali Linux

Find Usernames with Userrecon Over 75 Social Network | Kali Linux

Setting up a perfect username is not really easy.

Are you seek of getting This username is already in use error? Me too! 

I think a lot to get an idea about a perfect and unique username but in the end, I get the error mentioned above. But if you are a Kali Linux user then you can sort out this problem with a simple and lite tool.

Userrecon. An awesome tool for people like us. It can search and match usernames over 75 social networks. It makes it easier to pick up a unique username.

Also, this tool can be used in many ways for information gathering. It’s up to you.

Let’s see how we can configure it in Kali Linux.

Configuring Userrecon in Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux machine, open up the terminal, change the directory to the Desktop and clone the tool from Github.
cd Desktop/
After completing the download change the directory to the Userrecon folder. There you will find a shell script named with If you are a root user, you must grant permission for the script. Don’t worry, just follow the commands.
cd Desktop/
cd userrecon/
chmod +x
Now you are ready to run the script. Simply run the command-
Find Usernames with Userrecon Over 75 Social Network


The tool is now asking to put a username to check over 75 social networks if it already exists or not.


If you are a lazy person like me, then this tool can be a great tool for you. I don’t like putting a username and checking whether it is unique or not.
These simple tools can sometimes give effect in a great way. I must give thanks to the creator of this tool.
I loved Userrecon. What’s your opinion? tell me in the comment box below. I am waiting for your comment.
Authored By: Manas Lahon