Top 5 Hacking Tools ever: | Must Have Tools For Ethical Hackers or Beginners | Windows/ Android/ Linux

Top 5 Hacking Tools ever: | Must Have Tools For Ethical Hackers or Beginners | Windows/ Android/ Linux

Howdy crackers? here we are gonna cover the top 5 hacking tools ever which are very popular. If you are a learner or a hacker then these tools are useful for you. Many beginners don`t know how to use these tools but these tools are very useful if you want to become a successful hacker. Search on youtube or Google to get tutorials on these tools. So let`s begin with number 1.

  1. Metasploit

This tool comes in the number one position of the year 2017. This is a hacking tool that has many exploits inside it. More than 2 lakh people contribute to this tool. This means every day new exploits are added to this tool. The amazing thing about Metasploit is that you can create your own tool by using an exploit of it. 

There is a misunderstanding that people think Metasploit is only for Linux distribution but that`s not true. Metasploit is also available for Mac and Windows. So you should learn about it. There are many tutorials available o the Internet but if you want I can post a tutorial on it. The download links of this tool are given below.

For Mac

For Windows

     2. Acenetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

This tool is used to find vulnerabilities of websites, web applications or many things available on the Internet. This tool comes with already installed suits. It has both a paid version and a free version. The free version is not bad but it has some limited functions but SQL injection is available by using which you can scan a website, check a website or can assessment a website to find vulnerabilities. 

What is the amazing thing about this tool? Look before performing any attack a hacker scans a website or system to collect all possible information about it. Acenetix has a big list of vulnerabilities and it checks every vulnerability one by one on a website and it tells with which vulnerability the website is vulnerable. Now a black hat hacker will find exploit or hack for the vulnerability and white-hat hacker will patch the vulnerability. So this tool is a very powerful hacking tool.


This tool is my favorite one. If you want the tutorial of this tool then comment me. Basically, it is a scanner but it is also called mapper. For what this tool can be used? This tool scans the ports of a website or an online system and tells how many ports, which ports are open. Sometimes there are some open ports that can be found in websites or systems which are not in use. By using which the website/system can be hacked.

 Nmap also tells if it scans a particular website or server what operating system is using, IP address. Nmap tells all these things in depth. This tool was coded for scanning big Networks but nowadays it is used for small assessment, small assignment. This tool is a very very good Network/website scanner and you should use it. This tool comes pre-installed on Kali Linux. If it is not installed you can install it by a small line of command. I am giving the download link to the tool for windows.


This tool is can be used for wifi hacking. By using this tool you can analyze data packets that are transferring on your own network or on other networks on which you are connected. This tool doesn`t catch or sniff the data packets if you are using an HTTPS website but if you are using an HTTP website then this tool can capture everything. If you are filling a form or typing a password or username on the HTTP website then the tool can collect all the information that you are filling in the website. 

This means if you are connected to a wifi network then you can keep eye on every user who is connected to the same network. You can keep an eye on what websites they are browsing and can collect their personal information like passwords, usernames, etc. In one word, you can call Wireshark a “Network doctor”. You can use the tool to analyze both wireless Networks and wired Networks. This is a very good tool and also a necessary tool if you want to practice on Network hacking.

     5.Cain & Abel

This tool is used for password cracking and to perform a MITM attack on networks. This tool is very powerful and it is an alternative tool for Kali Linux tools for windows users. This tool is available for free on the internet and you can download it from its official website. This tool is mainly available for windows and therefore it is more compatible with windows.

          Thank you for visiting our blog and if you want practical on any tool we mentioned above then leave us a comment.