How To Surf The Deep Web Directly From the Linux Terminal

How To Surf The Deep Web Directly From the Linux Terminal

The majority of the Internet is taken by the deep web. We, normal people only browse the left 3% of the Internet. We’re not talking about you, but it is likely possible that your parents never heard of the terms- deep web or dark web. They know the Internet they see through the Google search engine.

We know you are an advanced person. We believe you already surfed the deepest side of the Internet and also know how to protect yourself there.

There are some very powerful search engines out there and they have the ability to index the deepest side. The DuckDuckGo search engine is one of them.

But sometimes we need an extra kick, don’t we? Let’s try searching the deep web right from the Terminal without opening the browser with help of a tool called DarkDump.


Developed ByJosh Schiavone
Github Profile
Download Link
Language usedPython
LicenseMIT License

Installing and Configuring DarkDump on Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux Machine and download the tool from the Github link given on the table above. Make sure to update the repositories if you haven’t update it for a long time.

git clone
cd darkdump
  • Install the requirements.
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • View the options you can use from the ‘Help’ section.
python3 -h
  • Here are a few examples how you can search the queries.
python3 -q ebooks -p 1

Here the ‘-q‘ stands for ‘queries‘ you can search for and the ‘-p‘ stands for the ‘page number‘. To simply navigate to page number 2 you just need to put 2 after the ‘-p’ argument.

Search the Deep Web From The Terminal using DarkDump

Congrats! you’ve done the job beautifully.

Short Video guide:


DarkDump neither boost up and existing technology nor it adds new functionality. This tool can be used just for fun. You are not going to get any additional feature.

If you want to show your friend or rival a little trick, then you can take this tool in use. Let us know your feedback in the comment box. Your feedbacks help us to create useful content for you.