[Solved] WiFi not showing up on Kali Linux

[Solved] WiFi not showing up on Kali Linux

Troubleshooting Kali Linux is not an easy thing.

Sometimes internet connection, both WiFi and ethernet connection do not work on Kali Linux especially if it is running on a virtual machine. It is a very common problem.
Many people file issues that the Internet was connected but suddenly it was gone. The network profiles are not showing on the list of connections.
The reasons why this happens:
  1. misconfiguration of proxies, networks. 
  2. Many tools installed on the Linux system try to configure the network in their own way.
  3. Changed the type of network connection in the virtual machine
  4. Other hardware issues
Let’s try some ways to get back the internet connection.

#Option 1:

Try to restart your Network manager. Type the following command and hit enter.
service network-manager restart
[Solved] WiFi not showing up on Kali Linux

Nothing happened? go for option 2.

#option 2

Try this command. 
nmcli networking on


This command worked for most people. It is tested on Kali Linux 2019.4. No matter what your OS version is, this command may help you to get the internet connection back.
[Solved] WiFi not showing up on Kali Linux

These options should solve your problem. If they did, leave a comment below so that others can also get help. Also, share it with others who are having the same problem.