How to Make a Keylogger Fully Undetectable by Antivirus?

How to Make a Keylogger Fully Undetectable by Antivirus?

Howdy crackers? You might have created a keylogger and it is not undetectable and you are having a problem with installing it on a victim’s computer. Right? That’s why you are reading this post. You are at the right place.

In this article, we are gonna cover How to Make a Keylogger Fully undetectable by Antivirus. Some people use both binders and crypters to hide a keylogger but here we will use only a crypter because you know how to bind a keylogger. 

Also, binding a keylogger with other files is not a convincing way because the bound files are also can be detected by antivirus programs. Binding a virus file with another file means it injects the codes of the virus to the normal file and hides the codes inside that file. But good antivirus programs scan files hardly line by line of codes and detects the malicious lines of codes and delete or remove it.

Here we are gonna discuss some recently released crypters which encrypt data packages so that it can stay secure from damages or sometimes to make it undetectable by antivirus programs.

Crypter basically analyzes the binaries of a .exe file and the codes that seem can be detected by antivirus programs, it encrypts those lines of binaries and creates a new encrypted .exe file and that can’t be detected by antivirus programs.

Some important points to remember

A FUD(Fully Undetectable) crypter is best to use for few months or sometimes for a week after the release of it publicly because if a crypter becomes popular, it gets the eye of antivirus companies and they will update their virus definitions according to the working method of the crypter.
If you purchase a crypter then that is a different thing but if you want to use a free crypter, you should remember these things.
To download the latest and fresh versions of crypters so that you can use them for a few days, you must stay connected with the users and creators of hacking forums.
For some reason, HackForums is the best forum for tools and also it is one of the popular hacking forums on the surface web.
The maximum of free crypters contains trojan. Beware of that. Use them safely or install a virtual machine to use them.
It is impossible to say a specific crypter because of the updated antivirus programs. Many antivirus programs detect crypters as a virus.
Remember these points and now let’s know some recently released crypters.

Chrome Crypter v2.0

Chrome crypter is a free crypter and also easy to use. It is a FUD crypter and for some antivirus programs, it still works. 
It also has the inbuilt binding feature so that you can bind your .exe file with other programs. It also gives the feature to change the icon of files.
To make it look more genuine rename your filename such as filename.mp3……exe which increases the chance of clicking on it.

AngryDuck v2.0

AngryDuck crypter is one of the best free crypters. It is easy to use and gives more extra features than Chrome crypter.
It allows the users to hide files after the run, delay execution, icon changer and many more.
Just set the file path you want to encrypt and click on the crypt button to start encrypting.

Insanity protector 1.3 

Insanity Protector is also available for free and easy to use. It gives more functions than the two crypter we discussed above.
But the GUI is not so advanced in comparison to other crypters. It still works for some antivirus programs and many people still use this crypter.
It allows the users to change the content of the images, functions and variables, controls, etc.
Hope you liked the discussion. If you know and using any recent release of crypters, let the others know about it by commenting below. Have a good hacking journey and don’t get caught.