Kali Nethunter App Store- Now Download Hacking Apps for Free

Kali Nethunter App Store- Now Download Hacking Apps for Free

As we already know the field of developing pen-testing apps for the android platform is growing so fast. Some time ago developers were releasing their pen-testing apps for free of cost for testing purpose but now they charge a price for using their applications.

The people interested in Ethical Hacking are students and we know the amount they have in their pockets. Only a few students can manage to buy the features of a paid pen-testing application.
This is not a good thing. Talent can’t be suppressed under economic conditions. But the Kali Linux community does really great things. They provide many great features for free of cost but as much as possible. But those features are enough to learn something advanced.
The Kali community now launched the Kali Nethunter App Store from where you can now download many security apps for free of cost. That’s a piece of good news!
Let’s take a look into the app store.

A look into Kali Nethunter App Store

The applications found on Nethunter App store are for pen-testing and forensics purpose. It provides an installable client for Android which makes browsing the store easier.
Kali Nethunter App Store- Now Download Hacking Apps for Free


For now, there are not so many applications available on the store but we hope they will include more. The categories we found are Development, Exploitation, Forensics, Information Gathering, Nethunter, Privacy, RF, Sniffing & spoofing, System, USB HID, USB Misc, Utilities, Vulnerability Analysis, WiFi.
Again, the best thing is all applications are free to use. You don’t need to think about how much you have inside your pocket. Visit the Nethunter App store.


The Kali community always does great works. This is a great step for the students who show interest in learning Ethical Hacking. We must appreciate their work.
What do you think about this App Store? does this seem helpful to you? let us know in the comment box. Also if you want us to create a tutorial on any of the apps available on the app store, let us know.