How Tor Works? | Tor Vs Proxy chain | Working Concepts And Drawbacks

How Tor Works? | Tor Vs Proxy chain | Working Concepts And Drawbacks

Many people ask these questions-

  • How Tor Works? 
  • What Are The Benefits Of Using Tor?
  • Are we Stay Anonymous While using Tor?
  • Is using Tor Safe?
  • What Are The Differences Between Tor And Proxy Chains?
  • What Are The Limitations Of Tor?
  • How can I be Traced while I use Tor?
  • Should We Use VPN With Tor?

We will talk about every one of these inquiries and more than these in this article. Before knowing How Tor Works, first see how a proxy works. The proxy can be classified into three composes Anonymous, Elite, and Transparent. In the Anonymous proxy, It can be realized that you are utilizing a proxy, however, your genuine IP address can’t be known. In any case, in the Elite proxy, it can’t be realized that you are utilizing a proxy. In the Transparent proxy, your genuine IP address can be known. 

Essentially proxy implies ricocheting the information to various servers or PC frameworks. In the proxy, we don’t visit specifically the sites, we visit them through various servers or PCs. If we do any unlawful action on any site, the cyber cell will work out however they will discover the IP gave by the proxy server, not the genuine IP. 

The cyber cell will contact the Proxy supplier for the IP logs and will discover the genuine IP. Consider that I influenced a proxy to a chain of 10 proxy servers. I associated all servers with each other in a line. Presently on the off chance that I need to visit The information will go to Facebook in a way that, it will go to the primary proxy server and after that to the second and again to the third, fourth… tenth. At the last, it will go to 

What occurs in like that, if I completed an illicit thing, the cyber cell can’t discover me effectively. The cyber cell will get the IP of the tenth proxy server. The cyber cell will contact that proxy server and the server will give the IP logs, they will look through the ISP relating to the IP logs. 

From that point forward, they will discover the ninth intermediary server, again the eighth, 7th….first. Along these lines, they will discover me out. The cyber cell will confront an issue if the proxy servers are from various areas. For instance, one server is in China and another server is from Srilanka and if the cyber cell needs to work out on it, it will expend the time. Since they need to contact distinctive nations from where the servers have a place.

They can follow me out however it will cause exercise in futility. Yet, there will be one issue for me. On the off chance that if my proxy chain is too long my speed will decrease because there will be a brief period delay in each proxy server, however, there will be the expansion of anonymity.

The relationship between Header and Proxy:

Now, come to this present reality. The reasonable world dependably contrasts with the hypothetical world. When you send a mail to somebody perhaps you see the header part and the form or to, this is required. Thus, there is a header part in the HTTP too. HTTP has numerous headers. This header thing chooses the sort of proxy, unknown. There are numerous sorts of HTTP headers-X -forwarded-for, HTTP client IP, HTTP X cluster client IP, HTTP whoer and so forth. We will talk about them in another post. Look what happens-

How a proxy works-crackitdown

Me————-The proxy server I am using————– My destination server(ex:
The X-forwarded for is conveying my genuine IP address and the HTTP whoer has a value. These two going together. In the event that Facebook gets this, It will realize that 100% proxy has been dealt with. Why? since it getting an HTTP whoer value. 

There are likewise more headers, however, I am overlooking them. Facebook understood that I am utilizing a proxy and furthermore got an IP, yet Facebook doesn’t know whether the IP has a place on the server or mine. On the off chance that the proxy server gives my genuine IP then unmistakably it is a straightforward intermediary server. Presently, if the intermediary server evacuates my genuine IP and puts its own particular IP in the HTTP X-sent for header and HTTP whoer header additionally sends its key esteem. 

On the off chance that Facebook gets them then it will get the proxy server IP, not mine. This is an Anonymous proxy. The third case is, I sent a remote ADDR to the server and my HTTP X-forwarded for is blank and HTTP whoer is additionally blank. I can remove all headers, it relies on the conditions. 

Consider I evacuated all headers just sending remote ADDR alone. Presently if Facebook gets me, it will can’t see if I am utilizing a proxy server or not. This is the Elite proxy server. This was for cutting edge students however for them who didn’t get it, in basic words, I need to go to a server through intermediary servers. 

On the off chance that there are a few headers and there exist a few values, this implies a proxy is utilizing amongst me and the server.

Pros & Cons Of Using Proxy Chain:

The headers, how their execution will be, relies on the idea of the proxy chain. The most extreme of proxy servers available on the web is transparent. Why? consider I made my PC a proxy server. On the off chance that I make it transparent at that point, there are numerous favorable circumstances for me.

In the event that some person utilizes my intermediary server, his information will go to the server through my PC. I can save the information on my PC. On the off chance that the server is SSL site then the information will futile for me, however, all sites are not SSL. 

In the event that the server is HTTP then the information will be helpful for me. So for this situation, hackers can set up numerous proxy servers for individuals and individuals utilize that yet they overlook that the information is experiencing a hacker’s PC. This sort of issues is conceivable with proxy servers. The primary issue with proxy servers is DNS leaking, proxy servers can’t protect you from it. 

Yet, this is dependant on the proxy to proxy. Another issue is the IPV6 issue. On the off chance that you are a client of good VPN then perhaps you saw that the organization cautions you to not to turn on your IPV6 and be dependant on IPV4. Remark me, I will compose another post to separate amongst IPV4 and IPV6. 

IPV6 neglects to coordinate a few protocols since a few protocols made before IPV6. As a result of IPV6 issue, there is constantly a few issues with VPN. Some way IPV6 is ideal yet for complete anonymity, you should evacuate it. You can arrange it in your browser.

How Tor works And Its Configuration:

Tor is a decent idea than proxy chaining. You can call it an modified idea of proxy chaining. Tor has 3 default servers. We likewise call them relays, nodes, and routers. Tor is completely editable. Its documentation and instructional exercises are available on the web. The first node is called the entry node, the second node is called the middle node and the last node is called the exit node. 

Consider I am using Tor on my PC, the entry node is associated with me, the exit node is associated with the server and the middle node is connecting the entry node and the exit node. The relays are ordinary individuals like us. You can likewise change over your workstation to a relay of Tor by downloading Tor program. 

Keep in mind one thing that when I make my workstation a relay, at the last Tor requests that whether I need be the exit node of Tor or not. The exit node and the middle node is simple and secure but the exit node is risky. Since the exit node interfaces a server and server gets the exit node’s IP. 

In the event that you turn into the exit node of Tor, each time you will confront a few issues. Numerous issues will dependably approach you. At the to start with, assume that I turned into the middle node. I made myself as a .relay There is two thing, one thing I can turn into a normal user and the second thing I can make myself a relay. 

Before, when somebody makes himself as a relay it picks a random node as an entry node. Wherever it required. But now, entry node shapes just from the center hub however just best fast 25% can form as an entry node. On the off chance that I make me as a middle node, I can’t get the entry in the event that I don’t have a place with the best fast 25%. 

These conditions of forming entry node change time to time. Likewise, before, there were just two groupings, middle nodes, and the exit nodes. At whatever point it was required middle node forms entry node. But these days, as per conditions, there are three hubs. guard/entry, middle, and exit. 

Guard/entry is isolated from the middle in light of the fact that as indicated by the idea the nodes which are fast, they are isolated from the middle node to frame entry node. There is also one thing, If I turn into a relay, my details will be openly posted in the Tor directories. 

If you need to make a relay, you will arbitrarily pick the nodes from the directories. Isn’t that so? You joined the nodes and framed a circuit. The information will go on this circuit wherever you go. The second idea is the bridge. The bridge is that which isn’t openly posted in the Tor directories. 

That’s it. Assume Tor has been blocked in our country. Our ISPs will block the Tor directories however in the event that we utilizing Bridge, which isn’t in the directories, how they could block us. The principle idea, how Tor works is encryption. In the event that you don’t comprehend what is encryption at that point read the article-