How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux
Howdy crackers. in this tutorial, we’re gonna cover how to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux. Some of you maybe know about it and some of you may not. But it’s okay. This tutorial gonna help you. 

A little about Beef Framework

Beef Framework is a tool that is used to exploit browsers. Its way of infecting the browser is the same as how the Metasploit works to infect a system. Beef Framework injects payloads to browsers to infect like Metasploit. The Framework basically uses the hook exploit to work.

Configure Beef In Kali Linux

Step 1:
Start your Kali Linux machine, open up the terminal and navigate to the folder from where the beef starts by typing the path cd /usr/share/beef-xss and hit enter.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown


Now type ./beef and hit enter. It will start the beef framework. There is no configuration needed for this stage but when it comes to adding things like Metasploit, we need to do some configuration. But for now, we don’t need any configuration.
Note that the browser of the system you’re going to infect must be connected to the same network.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown


Here we got the URL of hook exploit. If you can see the image above. hook.js is a javascript that we have to inject in the browser and we will get all the information from the browser.

And, the UI URL is the login URL of the GUI version of Beef Framework. Just copy the UI URL and paste it into your browser and it will open up the login page for beef. The default username and password is ‘beef’.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown
Step 2:
So here we have to configure the apache server to attach the hook URL with an HTML script so that we can send the malicious URL to the victim’s browser.
To start the Apache server simply type the command service apache2 start and hit enter. So we’ve started the apache server and now we have to modify the default web page of the Apache server by navigating to Other Locations> Computer>var>www>html. Here you will find a default webpage named with index. If you want to change the webpage with your choice then you can change it.
We’re just giving a demo how can you attach the file to the webpage. Download the webpage we used from here.

Now copy the hook URL and delete the: 3000/hook.js from the URL and shorten the link with google link shortener so that the victim can’t doubt the URL. and send it to the victim.(ex:

If the victim browses the URL then the 3rd step will start

Step 3:

Open up the GUI version and there you will see the infected browser like the image given below in the Online Browsers section.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown

Now, click on the IP address to get all the information on the browser. After that here comes the interesting section. Click on the command option located above.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown


It will open up all the available ways to control the browser and also the system. Click the Browser category and Hooked Domain and select any of them you want to use.

How to use Beef Framework in Kali Linux-crackitdown

Here, we’re just gonna give you an example of Play sound command. To do that click the command and click on the execute button located at the bottom right side. It will play a simple sound in the browser.

That’s it. You can change the default sound with your favorite sound. Test the other commands your own. We taught you the difficult steps. Do the easy steps yourself.


Don’t test it on other’s systems. Hacking without the owner’s permission is purely illegal. Do practical in your own system. We’re not responsible for any kind of damage.

We hope you liked the tutorial. If you’re facing any problem regarding this tool, feel free to comment us below describing your problem. Our team is always here for you. Hack the world and don’t get caught.