How to become Anonymous? | First Step Of Hacking

How to become Anonymous? | First Step Of Hacking

Is turned out to be anonymous is vital just for hackers? No, it is likewise important for typical individuals. 

The digital violations we are confronting, constraining us to take some additional precautions. Do you know? In the USA, the administration watches out for the typical individuals what they are perusing on the web. Along these lines the web security in the USA is high. 

How do they watch out for each and every person`s web security? the administration watches out for them through the Internet Service Providers and Wifi suppliers. On the off chance that the administration watches out for an ordinary person`s secrets or privacy which he would not like to impart to anybody what he has sent, what he has downloaded, it is exceptionally vital for a typical individual to surf the web anonymously. I am discussing the tools and ways that can be utilized to be anonymous.

Use VPN and Tor Browser

For this situation, individuals utilize VPN(Virtual Private Network). By utilizing VPN you can conceal your IP deliver to be anonymous. 

There are both free and paid VPN service providers available on the web. VPN influences a layer or passage between the client and the web to ISP  with the goal that no one can follow what are you surfing the internet all things considered. But, Some of them are exceptionally futile. They give their user`s logs to the surveillance and other official authorities if they give an order to them. 

Now, here comes the TOR browser, it is additionally called The Onion Router. TOR browser is most loved by both great individuals and blackhats since the dark web can be surf by utilizing this program. 

How the TOR works? 

Tor program makes a circuit of IPs. It makes numerous layers of IPs to shroud your genuine IP. It didn`t show your IP specifically. The IPs bounces each time starting with one then to the next and at the last, it goes to the genuine IP. Just utilizing the Tor just to peruse the Internet isn’t illegal yet there are a few people who utilize the tor particularly for anonymity since they do illicit things on the Internet.

Some precautions for the Tor browser user.

  1. Some people use browser plugins but trust me 80% of them are tracking your private data, your browser history. So, avoid using any browser plugin in your Tor browser.
  2. Don`t resize your Tor browser window. Leave it as the default size.
  3. Don`t use mobile 2 step verification in tor. Some websites provide 2 step verification for safe log in but it will help to track you down.
  4. Don`t use the google search engine for browsing the internet. Use the DuckDuckGo search engine.
  5. Don`t post your personal information such as credit card details, name, address, etc. while using Tor.
  6. Don`t use tor for windows operating system. Use a Linux operating system. As windows have some vulnerabilities, the virus is more available for windows platform. 
  7. Don`t use HTTP websites on tor. If you use that type of websites there are more chances to get your unencrypted data and to break your anonymity down.
  8. Don`t forget to delete your browser cookies and history after finishing browsing. This is very important. If you don`t delete your browser cookies then probably if someone hacks your browser and collects cookies then you can get access to your private data.
  9. Use a trusted VPN with the Tor browser. It will help to make double layer security. If someone breaks your browser security then VPN can save you.

Select a safe Operating system.

Windows OS isn’t useful for complete anonymity. Microsoft can track you through your Microsoft accounts connected to the windows. Additionally, Tor isn’t so configurable in windows. As Windows users are more than the different OS, viruses are more available for Windows. 

For complete anonymity, you should utilize the Linux Operating system. In some Linux based OS Tor comes pre-installed. You can design a Tor circuit in Linux based OS as you need. I am utilizing Kali Linux for a long time and I found that it is the best Linux based OS for anonymity. You can download it for free from Kali Linux official site. As this OS isn’t possessed by anybody you can develop it for yourself for better execution. You can utilize OpenVPN in Linux by configuring it with Tor. Numerous anonymizing tools are available for free in Linux based OS. You can download them from the Github developers site. You can get ideal anonymity in Linux based OS. 

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