Cracker's Advice: How To Access The Dark Web Securely.

Cracker's Advice: How To Access The Dark Web Securely.

Accessing and surfing the Dark web is not a hard thing but staying there securely is a hard thing. To avoid tracking you by someone, you must take some precautions. So know here How To Access The Dark Web Securely

If you are thinking that you are using the tor browser and you are safe then you are wrong. There will many hackers who come in front of you who can crack the tor network easily. Now you tell me, are you safe in the Dark Web only by using tor? No. You should follow some Tor browser rules and some tools with it to stay safe. I am discussing them briefly below.

Rules for using Tor browser

1. If you installed the Tor browser and you are running it for the first time and you show that the opened window of the browser too small and you want to maximize it. Never do this. leave it as the default size. Don’t resize the default size of the window. Don’t install any Add-on in your browser. Many Add-on tracks its users and collects private data. 

2. Never allow running javascript on any site that you are visiting through the tor network. This will be very dangerous. This turns off/on option is in the top left corner of the browser. If you are going to visit Dark web for the first time then I advise you to go ‘hidden wiki’ to get Dark site links. These links are secure than other site links.

 3. Always turn on the ‘HTTPS everywhere’ option which is at the top right corner of the browser. Don’t download unknown files like mp3, video, e-books provided by the unknown site owners. Adjust your security level in the tor browser security settings. 

4. The most important thing is, don’t use your microphone while you’re surfing the Dark sites and also don’t allow the browser to use your microphone and cover your web camera with bandage or tape. 

5. All websites give the description of the website with the link but there are some bad people who give wrong information about the links that they provide which are of unknown and dangerous websites. So check the links and the providers if they could be trust or not. Don’t visit the red room and don’t visit the child pornography sites if you can’t anonymize your online identity. Follow these rules, you can stay safe on the Dark Web.

Use a good VPN with Tor Browser

Find out a good VPN whose provider says that they don’t keep any user logs. There are many VPN providers who share the user’s log. This is against the policy but if you do any cybercrime then if the government gives an order to the VPN provider to give your logs then he will have to give your logs. So choose a good VPN. Don’t use free VPNs, the free VPNs are a demo and sometimes they do not work properly. 

Never use cracked premium VPNs. The cracked tools may contain viruses and the viruses will track you. Using a VPN with Tor makes a double security layer to your system so that if a hacker cracks your Tor network then the VPN will protect you. Every experienced Tor user uses VPN with it. The VPN will also hide you from your ISP(Internet Service Provider). It makes a tunnel between the ISP and the servers so that no 3rd person can see your details. 

I recommend you to use the Nord VPN. This article is not a VPN promoting the article but my personal experience with Nord is good. So you can use it if you want. The price of Nord VPN is very cheap, you can afford it. It is also available and compatible with any device. Cyberghost is also another good VPN. I have browsed the Dark web several times using this VPN.


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Use a good Operating system

Cracker's Advice: How To Access The Dark Web Securely.
Using a good OS is also good security for Dark web surfers. I used Windows OS many times to access the Dark web but I found some Cons of using Windows OS. The maximum virus found on the Internet is for Windows and also every year Windows users are attacked through the loopholes of the Windows security system. So, I decided to run only Linux based OS on my all devices. 
There are many ways to configure your proxy setting and if you use Tor in this OS then I think you will be more secure than Windows. Android is also a secure OS as it is based on Linux. Just install Orbot and Orfox from Playstore and run them. You can easily access the Dark sites. 
But if you have a third-party app installed on your device then there will be a risk for you because third-party applications contain malware. If you follow my all instructions line by line, trust me, you will be safe. The Pros of using Linux based OS are, there are very fewer viruses for Linux than Windows OS. Maximum tools are available for free on Linux developer’s website. The cons of using Linux OS are if there is an error in the system then it very difficult to troubleshoot the error. It is not so customizable. 
If you follow these rules then you never need to search How To Access The Dark Web Securely.