[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2021 | Kali Linux

[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2021 | Kali Linux

Hacking Google?

Is it really possible? Well, if you think google Dorking is a type of hacking then it is possible to hack google.

What does dorking mean?

Dorking is a method that is used to search the web in an advanced way using specific search engine parameters to find results which are don’t normally appear in the search result.

Dorking is a really cool and time-saving method if you like getting results quickly on your hand.

Here we are going to demonstrate a tool called uDork that can be used to get advanced search results.

uDork is a simple tool written in python and easy to use. You just need to do some configurations in the tool and you are ready to go.

Let’s see how we can use work in our Kali Linux machine.

Configuring uDork in Kali Linux

Configuring uDorkis really easy. Fire up your Kali Linux machine and download the tool from Github. Now navigate to the directory where you have downloaded it.
There you will find a script named cookie.py where we have to put cookies of our Facebook account in order to get results from the tool. Make sure you don’t use your primary Facebook account for this purpose.
How do I find Facebook cookies?
  1.  Open up the Firefox browser and press Ctrl+Shift+K. It will open up the console and in the console, type ‘dooument.cookie‘ and hit enter. Copy the cookie which will appear like ‘c_user=XXXXX
  2. Paste the copied cookie in the cookie.py file after the ‘Cookie=‘.
[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2020 | Kali Linux
Not finished yet! You have to find the cookie with XS value too. Just follow these steps.
  1.  Visit www.messenger.com and continue with the same  Facebook account.
  2. Press F12 on the keyboard. It will open up the Dev tools.
  3. Navigate to ‘Storage> Cookie‘, then copy the xs value and paste it in the cookie.py file with the c_user cookie.
The format should be like this- ‘c_user=XXXX; xs=XXXX
[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2020 | Kali Linux
You are all done!

Using uDork For Advanced Search results

To see the parameters we can use for an advanced search result, simply type the command.
sudo python3 uDork.py -h
Here we are trying to find some results containing the file format PDF related to a domain. See what we got.
[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2020 | Kali Linux
Isn’t it cool?
Just use the command- sudo python3 uDork.py -d example.org -e pdf
Again we used the TEXT parameter to get all the results containing the word password.
[Dorking] Hacking Google with uDork Tool in 2020 | Kali Linux
You can also use different parameters for different search results. Try all of them and let us know what you got.


uDork is nothing different from other dorking tools. The only difference is it is easy to use. These tools are very simple but they can have a huge impact on our daily computer life. They can be a time-saving way if we know how to use them in our daily life.
What is your opinion about uDork? did you find it cool? Will you use it? 
We are desperate to know what you think. Please let us know in the comment box.