Download Top 10 Paid Ethical Hacking Courses For Free

Download Top 10 Paid Ethical Hacking Courses For Free

We all know how hard it is to find the right Ethical Hacking course online, and if you find one, its price is so high that you can’t afford it.

 As you’ve been with us for such a long time, we must do something more for you, we know you expect more from us.

So, here is a list of the top 10 Paid Udemy courses you can download completely for free of cost.

#1. Advanced Metasploit Penetration Testing Series

It’s so hard to learn everything about the Metasploit Framework. We are familiar with only a few things that this framework can do.
Here at this point, we require some guidance and a guide that can help you with it.

#2. Kali Linux & Security

This guide is for those who just started the journey in the Ethical hacking field.
This course can guide them to be on the Advanced level.

#3. Mastering Ethical Hacking Skills

This course is for both intermediate and advanced level Ethical hacking students.
With this course, you will get the chance to strengthen your existing hacking skills.

#4. EC1-349 ECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation

This course will help you to get some advanced level guidance if you are an exam lover and you want to crack the EC1-349 ECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation exam.
Even if you don’t want to attend the exam, you should try this course to get an idea about how forensic investigations are done.

#5. Learn Website Hacking & Penetration Testing From Scratch

This course covers everything about Ethical Hacking from scratch.
If you are a beginner, this course can be helpful for you. This course covers installing Kali Linux to understanding different web modules.

#6. Facebook & Gmail Account Hacking course

We don’t need to elaborate on what this course covers. You already know from its name.
With this course, you will get to learn tons of different methods to hack Social media accounts.

#7. The Complete Social Engineering & Malware Hacking Course

Ahh! Here comes the beast. You already know that social engineering is the most dangerous hacking method.
And with this course, you can take your social engineering skills to the next level. Also, you will get to know more about malware.

#8. Hacking & Securing Windows

This is the chance to learn more about different ideas and methods to hack into a Windows system.
Also, if you are a Windows user, it’s time to downloads the course and learn how to secure your Windows system.

#9. Ethical Hacking: Virus & Worms

You should try this course if you want to go very deep. This course will help you to understand viruses, malware and create your own.
Before exploiting a system with a virus, you must know how a virus works and how to make an untraceable virus.

#10. The Art of Reconnaissance: Information Gathering Techniques

This is the last course in the list but the first step to do in the steps of hacking a system.
To understand a system, to find out its vulnerability, we must have enough information about the system.
This course contains some advanced Information gathering techniques that will help you master the information gathering process.