EMAGNET | The Best Tool To Find 97.1% Accurate Leaked Database

EMAGNET | The Best Tool To Find 97.1% Accurate Leaked Database

The world runs on information.

Information keeps us safe and information destroys us. If we talk about the online world, there is a lot of information stored. And if we talk about ethical hacking, information gathering is the first phase of the process of any hacking attack.
Sometimes on some websites, we get to see recently leaked databases of email accounts and passwords. Some of them can be useful for hackers.
Here, we are going to tell you about a tool called Emagnet. It searches for recently leaked databases on the Pastebin website.
Why do you need such types of tools?
Even if you are told about a website specifically where you can find leaked databases, it is hard to find which one is recently uploaded or which one is most accurate.
Emagnet doesn’t search for leaked databases on Pastebin, it searches for the most recent databases with a high accuracy rate.
Let’s see if this tool really does worth.

Configuring EMAGNET on Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux machine and download the tool from Github. Now navigate to the directory where you’ve downloaded the tool and open up it on the terminal and expand it.
Now you need to run the bash script named ‘emagnet‘ but in order to run it, first, you have to give root permission to it. Just follow the commands.
chmod +x emagnet
We have successfully configured the tool. Now we can use it. In order to use it, we can see what arguments we have to use to run different modules. Just run the command given below to view the ‘help’ section.
./emagnet -h
EMAGNET | The Best Tool To Find 97.1% Accurate Leaked Database
Here, the help menu showing a lot of options we can use. The option for brute-forcing different services is really looking cool. To use it just add the ‘-g’ argument with ’emagnet’ just like below and add the service available right now on Emagnet.
On the video, on the left side, you are seeing the tool and on the right side what’s going on inside the tool.

./emagnet -g spotify

To brute-force a service login, Emagnet first downloads the most recent leaked database with a high accuracy rate and starts brute-forcing automatically its own. To download all most recent leaked databases at once, simply give the command-
./emagnet –emagnet
All filtered E-mail addresses and passwords get stored on the log dir.
Warning: You will get leaked databases only if there is most recent and highly accurate databases are available on Pastebin.

Issues and Updates you’re going to get

As Emagnet is a new tool and it is still in development, you may face some issues with it. The developer wuseman is still working on it and trying to add new features to it and removing the issues and old features from it.
The highlighted upcoming feature you will get in the future is the ‘Search’ section, where you can search for specific targets and databases according to your requirements. you can access the preview using the command-
./emagnet -S
EMAGNET | The Best Tool To Find 97.1% Accurate Leaked Database


Wuseman, the developer of the tool says “Emagnet is No. 1 tool for fetch these leaks from Pastebin”. We believe that. Nothing comes completely perfect we have to work on it to make it perfect. It has some issues but someday it will be a No. 1 tool to search leaked databases on Pastebin.
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