Beelogger- How To Create a Keylogger For Windows 10| Kali Linux

Howdy crackers? In this article, we are gonna cover the topic How to create a Keylogger for windows 10 in Kali Linux. You guys may be thinking that what the shit is going on! we can download readymade keyloggers from the internet for free.

If you are thinking like that then you are wrong. Here we are gonna use a powerful tool called beelogger which can be used to generate fake adobe flash update, fake word document, fake pdf, fake pptx which are basically windows keyloggers.

This tool gives extra energy to the social engineering subject. We all face problems when we try to install a keylogger on other’s computer because they know about exe format files and they don’t want to install that type of unknown files but if we send them a word document file or a pdf file then there is a great chance of clicking on it.

This concept makes the tool different from others and that is why we can say it a very powerful tool.

If your all misconception cleared let’s begin the setup tutorial of the tool.

Install Beelogger in Kali Linux:

Step 1

Fire up your Kali Linux Machine and make sure you are properly connected to the internet. Now we’ll download the beelogger tool from Github. The tool will automatically download and set up other packages as required such as wine32, python.
Now we’ll install the beelogger tool. Open up the terminal and follow the commands one by one.
cd Desktop
git clone
cd BeeLogger
Now if you are seeing the bash script then you have downloaded it properly. We need this script to start the final installation. Just type the command ./ and hit enter. Now it will start downloading additional dependencies required to run the tool. Just let it read the list and start the installation process of the dependencies.
 Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown

If it appears any popups asking for installing them such as python hook, pywin, wine32 just click next, next and finish. No need to configure anything but if you are a pro then you can adjust the configuration but not necessary to do so.

Step 2:

Now close the terminal and open a new terminal because it is probable that the previous terminal can get some error after installing Py Hook. 
In the new terminal type the commands one by one
cd desktop
cd BeeLogger
After entering the python script if you are seeing a logo as the picture given below then you have successfully installed the beelogger tool without any error.
 Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown

Step 3:

Now press enter to continue as it saying. It also warns you not to misuse or do not use it for an illegal purpose. Follow the warning. They are not responsible for any kind of damage, you will be responsible for damages, remember that. 
At the next, it will give you options to [K] Generate keylogger or [U] Update the tool or [Q] Quit the tool. Just press K and hit enter to get access to the options to generate different types of keyloggers.
 Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown
The first option i.e Adobe Flash Update is maybe the best option among the 6 options for social engineering. 
The second option of generating fake word docx is quite convincing and the 3rd option is not so good because it basically generates .exe format files and the people who are experts in computing can easily recognize that. 
The other 4 and 5 options are also convincing. You can use all except 3 and 6 if you are trying to hack a person who is quite an expert in computing.

Step 4:

The tool requires a Gmail account to send the logs captured from the victim’s computer. It is recommended using a separate Gmail because the Keylogger gonna control over the Gmail account. 
Create a new Gmail account and go to the link by clicking here and it will go to the option of less secure apps where you have to disable the Less secure apps option. This step will give the full control of your Gmail account to the Keylogger to manage the Keylogs.
So now we are gonna generate a Key Logger by choosing option 1 i.e Adobe Flash Update.
 Create a Keylogger For Windows 10-crackitdown
  • Type the Gmail and password you want to receive the logs
  • It will ask whether the info you gave is correct or not. Type Y and hit enter
  • It will take a few minutes to generate the keylogger
  • After completing it’ll be saved in the BeeLogger/dist location.

Mask The Keylogger

To make the keylogger undetectable by Gmail or antivirus programs you must mask it. Because Gmail is faster than antivirus if it comes to detect a virus. Your social engineering can’t be successful if you don’t make your keylogger undetectable. This is the biggest challenge for a hacker.
Many hackers say that social engineering is the most powerful technique among hacking techniques because other hacks computer but social engineering hacks the human brain.
But don’t worry if you don’t know, read How to Make a Keylogger Fully Undetectable by Antivirus?


This tutorial is only for educational purposes. Don’t use it on other’s property without the owner’s permission. Hacking anything without the owner’s permission is purely illegal. We are not responsible for any kind of damage.
If you liked the tutorial leave us a comment and if you are facing any problem with installing or using the tool, feel free to leave a comment below describing your problem. Our team is always here for you. Have a successful hacking journey and don’t get caught.