How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS | Kali Linux

How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS | Kali Linux

Social Engineering sometimes doesn’t work for all.

Do you agree with it? When I was a noob, I tried a lot of things to trape people but none of them worked! The heading I have given is not a clickbait, it is the solution for the problems newbie attackers face.
But you can’t exactly hack an android phone with an SMS but you can make a webpage that has auto-download enabled. Because maximum people do not download payloads manually. That is the biggest problem.
Here I am going to use a tool called Venom which is basically a Metasploit Shellcode generator/compiler script. It was mainly created to test for different purposes. It depends on you how you use it. The tool uses the Apache2 webserver to deliver payloads using a fake web page. You just need to send a tricky SMS so that the victim clicks the link. The payload will be downloaded automatically to the victim’s system.
I don’t recommend you hack someone’s system with his/her permission which is completely illegal. Make use of this information for educational purposes only so that you can protect yourself against these attacks.
Let’s get into the installation manual.

Configure Venom in Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux machine, open up the terminal, change the directory to the Desktop and clone Venom from Github.
cd Desktop/
Now change the directory to the venom folder and again change the directory to the aux folder which is inside the venom folder. Here you will see a script named with If you are a root user, you must take permission to run this shell script. Don’t worry, just follow the commands.
cd venom/
cd aux/
chmod +x
How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS


The script will set up the tool and install all the requirements to run the tool properly. Now go back to the main folder(cd ..) and run the script.
How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS


The tool stated successfully. Here you see we can create payloads for all popular platforms such as Windows, Android, Ios. But I will stick with Android because I want to test it for Android. So I will select No 4.

How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS


Here I have entered option Agent No 1 and now it showing a popup to enter the localhost IP. If you want to hack over WAN, you can use port forwarding in your router or if you don’t have a router you can take the Ngrok tool in use. Which is a  great tool for port forwarding and it is completely free.
How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS


Now it’s asking for the port number. I have entered my port number and in the third popup, it is asking the name I want to give to the payload.
After completing the generating process of the payload, the tool asking me how I want to deliver the payload to the victim. Here I have selected the Apache2 Malicious web server.

How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS

Now it automatically starting the Metasploit MultiHandler

Sending the Link to a victim with a Tricky SMS

The web server is running on the localhost so I can open the web page using my local IP(ex: But we can’t send a naked IP address to a victim. He will find it suspicious. We must mask it. You can take the service in use. The paid service also offers you to create a custom URL.
Now you need to find an online fake SMS service. I have found a website called SMSGang. I can send text anonymously with a fake name from the website.
How To Hack Any Android Smartphone With just an Tricky SMS


As I have prepared a tricky SMS, you can apply your own trick to make it look more genuine. It depends on you.
Check out the popular commands you can use to control the compromised device after starting the Metasploit listener.

Popular Metasploit commands

1. shell Interact with a Shell
2. sysinfo– To check system information
3. webcame_ list– Shows the list of connected webcams
4. webcam_snap– To take a Webcam snapshot
5. record_mic -d 20– To record mic. Also phone conversation
6. check_root– To check the device root status
7. dump_calllog– To retrieve call log
8 dump_contacts– To retrieve contacts
9. geolocate– To locate the device
10 send_sms– To send an SMS
11. sms_dump– To download all SMS as a text file
12. run– To run any service(set the location of the service after the command).


Social Engineering completely depends on how you trick people. These tools only help a little to make your trick look more genuine. The Venom is a great tool if you use it in the right way.
I loved the tool. What’s your opinion about it? what trick are you gonna use? tell others in the comment box below. We get inspired to produce more tutorials like this when you leave a comment.
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Authored By: Manas Lahon


The tutorial you found on this website is only for educational purposes. Misuse of this information can lead you to jail or punishment. Anything you damage, we are not responsible for that. Do use it on your own property. If you want to test it on other’s property, take written permission from them.