Brave browser | The Most Secure, Fast and Private browser for android

Brave browser | The Most Secure, Fast and Private browser for android


Most people don’t understand what privacy is!

They think they do, but they don’t. They take care of the private things they do or they have in the offline world but what about the online world?

What are you talking about? I don’t have any important things on the Internet to take care of? except for bank account information. Well well, let us tell you one thing, give us your browser cookies and history and we will make you like those things, buy those things which you never liked before.

Let us tell you one story. A social media addicted mother had a child, every morning at 6 AM she wakes up, she makes breakfast for her and her 6 years old child and at 8:30 AM she takes the child to the school. She takes selfies every day with her child wearing a school uniform and uploads it on social media like Facebook between 8-8:30AM with captions like “It’s school time!, #ExampleSchool”. 

Brave browser | The Most Secure, Fast and Private browser for android

Her child loves ice cream, and every day at the break time the child gets out of the school boundary and waits at the ice cream parlor for her Mom to come and buy ice cream because that’s what her Mom usually does. She comes every day at the break time and buys ice cream for her child and takes selfies with her child with half-eaten ice cream with captions like “her favorite ice cream” around 12:30PM. 

One day the mother couldn’t come at the right time to the school at the break-time. She lately arrived and she got to know that her child has been kidnapped.

The kidnapper observes that child every day and he got information from the facebook profile of the child’s mother that the child goes to school around 8:30 AM. The child loves ice cream, her mother buys her favorite ice cream at the break-time. One day the kidnapper saw the child’s mother didn’t come at the time she usually does, he bought the ice cream the child loves and gave it to the child and kidnapped her.

The moral is, every little thing we have on the Internet can be sensitive information that should be private.

Here we got a browser for smartphones, as people use smartphones more than computers. Maybe this browser can help you with your online privacy.

Brave Browser

Brave browser is a light and fast browser which offers you the security and features normal browsers don’t. Normal browsers collect your cookies and history to show you targeted advertises. But the brave browser doesn’t. It gives you features like adblocker, pop-up blocker and helps you to surf a malware-free internet. 
Brave browser | The Most Secure, Fast and Private browser for android
The brave browser also protects you with features such as HTTPS everywhere, javascript blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking, etc. we normally see in the TOR browser.
Some fast browser shows you ads to continue lightning-fast browsing but the Brave browser does the opposite. It has a reward program where you will be paid for your attention.


  • Safe Private browsing
  • Built-in Adblocker
  • Pop-Up blocker
  • Invasive Ad-free web browsing
  • Sync bookmarks securely
  • Free Tracking protection
  • HTTPS everywhere
  • Script blocker
  • Third-party cookie blocker
  • Private bookmarks
  • Private Browsing history

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We live in a world where services on the Internet don’t give a damn about our privacy. Nobody going to take care of our privacy, we have to take care of our own. 
Someone said, “There are no such things called privacy on the internet”. And that’s damn true.
What do you think? let us know your opinion in the comment box below. And it’s not a promotion.