Biggest Cybersecurity Disasters in History That You Can Share With Your Friends

Biggest Cybersecurity Disasters in History That You Can Share With Your Friends

People faced many cybersecurity disasters from the beginning of the Internet till now. In this article, we’re covering some biggest cybersecurity disasters that changed the world of the Internet.

Actually, we should know and learn about history. History decides what will happen in the future. Knowing these cybersecurity disasters you can protect yourself from future attacks and also you can know the behavior of hackers.

J.P Morgan Company

In 2014 J.P. Morgan company had been footprinted by a group of some Russian hackers. They checked all details of applications/software that running on the systems of the company to find vulnerabilities.

recommended: What is Foot Printing ?| First Step Of A Hacker Before Hacking A System.They successfully collected the general information of 75 million households but the shocking thing is, they didn’t collect the financial information of any workers. Even these days, the question arises that even after all the control came, why didn’t these hackers use the financial information?


This disaster is quite old. In 1999 a virus named Mellisa was spread through some porn websites. It was sent to people attaching files containing username and passwords of paid membership of porn websites through E-mail.
When people downloaded the attachment, Mellisa used to send itself to another 50 E-mails automatically. The people who downloaded the virus, their data saved in their computers had been stolen by Mellisa.


You might know about LinkedIn. Many professional people have profiles on LinkedIn. It is a professional network of professional people.
It took four years to know for the company that the website and it’s all data were hacked and stolen by a hacker whose name was Teez. They came to know when they saw usernames and passwords of LinkedIn profiles were being sold for 2300$ on the dark web.

After this disaster, LinkedIn fixed the vulnerability and we got a lesson that sometimes this type of thing can happen to us.

Sony Play Station Network

In 2011, some hackers attacked Sony PlayStation Network and extracted details of 77 million gamer profiles. There is much sensitive information that might be stored in a gamer’s profile including financial details.
The hackers closed the PlayStation Network for one week and that was a tragedic moment for gamers.

The Hack Of The Century

Sony Pictures had to launch a movie “The Interview” which was about the assassination. The story of the movie was based on the supreme leader of North Korea ‘Kim-Jong-Un, who dies at the end of the movie. But he didn’t like the movie.
 People believe that because of this reason Kim-Jong hired a group of hackers. The hackers hacked all servers and systems of Sony Pictures. The hackers extracted all details of employees of Sony Pictures downloaded all data and deleted them. They also shared all unreleased movies on Social Networks. That put the company in a big loss.

ARMACO- A Arabian oil company

In 2012, an employee of the company who was a computer technician in the company clicked on a link which was attached to an E-mail and 35,000 computers of the company crashed because of this single click!
You might know that the computers used in Organizations connect each other in an internal network. If someone puts data on one computer then it can also be viewed on other computers of the organization. Because of this reason, it caused the above result.
The company used to work using typewriters and fax till the computers were repaired.

Final Words

The disasters we discussed above were really big disasters in the field of cybersecurity. The worms can become dangerous if they get suitable vulnerability. 
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