Analyze your Mobile Network Security with Snoopsnitch Android App

Analyze your Mobile Network Security with Snoopsnitch Android App

Have you ever analyzed your Mobile Network security?

Well, that’ll be a big ‘No’ coming from a large number of Android smartphone users. That is not a good thing.
Why would I need to analyze my mobile network?
You should! the world of technology is growing so fast as well as hackers. Nothing is secure in today’s world. Also if you are interested in Ethical hacking and pen-testing you should take an interest in it. A large number of mobile companies produce a huge number of Android mobiles at very low prices. But they do not optimize the firmware. That results in big security issues.
But don’t worry. You don’t need any High-end devices or software. You can do it from your Android device with an android application called the Snoopsnitch. This application analyzes your phone’s firmware for installing or missing Android security patches. Snopsnitch can also give you the information about your mobile network security and warn you about threats like fake base stations, user tracking, and SS7 attack by collecting and analyzing the mobile radio data.


1. A rooted device
2. Qualcomm chipset running stock Android 4.1+
3. Custom ROMs are sometimes unsupported as they can lack the necessary drivers.

Analyzing Network Security and Monitoring attack

Make sure you have a rooted Android device and now proceed to the next step. To analyze your network security click on the “Start network test”. This process will take some time. Wait until it complete. After completing the test it will show you the information about your mobile network. The security scores of SS7 attack and IMSI catcher(fake base locations).
Analyze your Mobile Network Security with Snoopsnitch Android App


To analyze the patch level click on the “click here to test patch level”. Now on the next menu click on the “Start Test”. The test takes a very long time to complete and after completing it will give you the report about missing and installed patches and their security scores.
Just click on the results to see their detailed information. You can download the application from the newly released Kali Nethunter App store.


This application is new and it still has some issues but it can give the idea of mobile network security to the students. But it depends on you, how you take this application in use. There are two terms- SS7 attack and IMSI catcher. If you want to know about these to terms, let us know in the comment box.
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